Visitors to the Gyeongnam Convention District can explore more easily with a digital map available for your convenience.

By simply turning on your camera app, you can scan the QR code you find at the Gyeongnam Convention District,

without the need for separate app downloads or logins. This will generate a webpage for you.

You can check your current location within the Gyeongnam Convention District and search

for various keywords like meeting rooms or coffee shops. We'll guide you to your destination using the quickest and easiest routes.

From Changwon Convention Center to the Grand Mercure Ambassador Hotel and City Seven,

scan the QR code on-site for a more seamless experience exploring the Gyeongnam Convention District.

Turn on the camera app and scan the QR code

until the webpage is generated.

Please check my current location

at the Gyeongnam Convention District.

Please search for the meeting room,

restaurant, etc., and I will guide you

to the easiest and fastest route.

362, Woni-daero, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 1002, Changwon Convention Center

Postal Code: 51408 | Team Convention Bureau, Gyeongsangnam-do Tourism Foundation : 055-212-6713

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